XFce Menu Edit v0.8
Settings dialog for the Xfce right click menu


Xfce Menu Edit is a managing tool for the UNIX-Like Window Manager : XFCE. The menu managed is the one appearing when a right click is done on the desktop background. It is useful to launch applications or some desktop specific commands, like : Quit, Settings, and so on. Now it is, build as a plugin for the Xfce general settings dialog.

Xfce Menu Edit offers a good-looking graphical interface to add or remove menu items. The different items provided are :

This program is voluntarely close to XFCE human interface guidelines. It manages multiple fonctionnalities, as :



Other features will come soon…

To do for 1.0 version :

For information or feature request mail me at : spam@free.fr and change spam by sevlm.


Screen shots

A nice Xfce plugin for the settings panel.

full screen

window itself

settings window

XFCE Menu Edit running in MacOSX :-)



General : At launch time the menu is loaded in a tree and the first tree item is selected. You can then edit, the provided values :

is the title of the item that will be displayed in the menu.
Visible item,
should the item be displayed.
Types of item,
is the menu item type. Types ar Launcher for a launcher, Separator for a separation line in the menu, Quit for quit xfce, Sub-menu for a submenu and a launcher that will be attached to and Title for a menu title.
Execute in a terminal:
check this if you want to execute your comand in a terminal.
will come soon.

To quit and save settings, just click on the Close button. The drag and drop is provided over tree items. With the suppr key you can remove the selected item in the tree. Right click over the menu to see the pop-up menu.

All items are inserted after the selected one and the insert action end by selecting the new item.

Add -> Sub-menu :
insert a new Sub-menu and its launcher.
Add -> Title :
insert a menu title.
Add -> Launcher :
insert a new launcher in the tree.
Add -> Separator :
insÚre a sÚparator in the tree.
Add -> Quit :
insert an Xfce quit comand.
Remove/delete :
Remove the selected item from the tree and select the next one.
Undo :
Cancel all modification since last menu save.
Save :
Save the menu file and show a success dialog.
Cut :
Cut the selected item.
Copy :
Copy the selected item.
Paste :
Insert the last cut or copied item in the tree.


There is a nbuild for the Nasga´a GNU/Linux distribution at nbuild.info.

Else, download the source bzip2 package here. Extract the xfce-menu-edit-x.x.tar.bz2 to the directory of your choice.

cd ./xfce-menu-edit-x.x
make install

For specific purpose try ./configure --help

When finished try killall xfce-mcs-manager then you could find Xfce Menu Edit by opening the settings dialog or by the shell comand xfce-settings-show menu_edit.

You can download other releases of XFce Menu Edit :



You can not insert any item :

Try to use the right click over the pop-up menu.

Xfce Menu Edit menu file could not be retrieved :

2 possibilities : You did not compiled Xfce Menu Edit against the Xfce system configuration directory. Try to use ./configure --sysconfdir="Xfce system configuration directory parent". usualy its /etc.

Else you can copy the menu.xml (your locale iso) from Xfce system configuration directory to ~/.xfce4/menu.xml

Compilation failed :

Check if you have the right version of Xfce (4.0.3.x).






The creator of the logo. His work is available under GNU licence here.

You can visit his web-site, http://f.rodrigo.free.fr/.


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